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Barriers & Stanchion Rentals to Target Stores for Black Friday

Black Friday Crowd Control Rentals Ally Rental helped many of the nation’s Target stores deal with huge crowds of customers on Black Friday, November 25. ALLY rented crowd control barricades and line management stanchions to approximately 200 Target stores in 29 states in advance of Black Friday sales events.  Approximately 10,000 barriers were supplied to […]

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Ally Minutes – August 2011

New Line Management System Boosts Your Bottom Line The Qtrac Electronic Queuing System, newly-available from The Tamis Corporation, increases your line management efficiency.  The system enables any site to process customers through lines more quickly, and provides a sophisticated mechanism for communicating with customers while they are in line. Audio and video alerts tell customers […]

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Ally Minutes – June 2011

For Crowd Control Rental Customers Visit the New Tamis Rental Program Website – Ally Rental The Tamis Corporation has a new website specifically devoted to our Rental products.  Check out the Ally Rental website.  Ally Rental will continue to feature the popular Tamis and Blockader crowd control products – plus many additional products that our customers […]

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