Walk-Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors

Indianapolis Metal Detector RentalWe supply walk-through and hand held metal detectors to get guests onto your site or event efficiently.

Prevent security breaches and give yourself – and your attendees – peace of mind by employing efficient walk-through or hand held metal detectors.

The Latest In Security Scanning Technology

Walk-through metal detectors scan patrons using 33 pinpoint zones to detect weapons or banned objects. Ally Rental has rented a wide variety of models of walk-through detectors to major public venues for more than a dozen years. We understand the on-site security demands of our customers and provide TSA-certified metal detection to local rental companies nationwide.

In Use at:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Mass transit hubs
  • Courthouses
  • Concerts or festivals



Rent Garrett Hand Wand Metal Detectors

Hand Held (Wand) Metal Detector

Hand Held (wand) metal detectors are also available for rent from Ally Rental.  The Super Scanner hand-held detector is used by security personnel to aid in the detection of prohibited items.