Turnstiles to control access and accurately track attendance

Turn Lead

Rent turnstiles to maintain order at the entrances of your site or event and get an accurate count of your attendance.

Mechanical waist-high turnstiles manages traffic direction in one or two ways.  They have been rented by stadiums, amusement parks, fairs, theaters as well as outdoor venues.

Rent a Variety of Turnstile Models

ALLY Rentals features a variety of models that will meet the specific needs of your venue or event.

Portable Turnstiles

All turnstiles are designed to be used in high-volume areas.  Their sturdy design meets ASTM materials standards. Our high-quality turnstiles can be used in settings from offices to amusement parks.

Why rent turnstiles?

  • Turnstiles discourage – and often prevent – any attempts (intentional or unintentional) at “free entry” into a site
  • Turnstiles provide an accurate attendance count, which provides a venue or event with an indisputable number which can be provided to sponsors
  • Turnstile counts can be used to match tickets collected, which increases accuracy provides better financial data
  • Fire marshals will have an accurate turnstile count (as opposed to an estimate), which prevents premature or disputed closings (if Turnstiles are used for ingress and egress).
  • Turnstiles help slow and funnel crowd traffic just before metal detectors

NEW! Full Height Turnstiles

Rent full height turnstiles for added security and control over your access points. Keep event security to an even higher level. Call now to find out more.


  • Modular Access Control
  • Single or Tandem Setup
  • LED Lighting

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Our 30 years experience as a wholesale supplier of turnstiles to venues nationwide means that we can effectively assess your situation and recommend the appropriate turnstile models that will meet your needs.

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