Ally Rental Shipping

Due to their size and weight, Barricades and Barriers take up a lot of space on a truck. They are shipped loose, not on a pallet, and may be stacked. One or two men can unload the truck or they can be unloaded by a forklift, if available.

Barriers will be shipped by truck. Depending on the size of your order, we will use either a Less-Than-Truckload(LTL) carrier or a Truck Load (TL) carrier. All shipments are subject to the carrier’s minimum rate. In order to minimize cost to you, shipping costs will be calculated by an experienced sales representative, based on the details of your order. You will be asked to approve the shipping costs before your order is processed.
Shipping Barriers takes up a lot of space on the truck, filling the trailer with a limited number of barriers. As a result, what seems to be a high shipping rate is actually quite reasonable when you consider the size of the barrier and the space taken up in the truck.

If you have a preferred carrier, please let us know when your order is placed. We’ll work with your carrier to have the barriers picked up at one of our many locations.

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