Portable Post and Retractable Belt Line Management System

Top Quality Stanchion Rentals

Stanchions are portable posts with retractable belts utilized to create line cueing systems.

Easy Set Up Stanchions

Lightweight and portable, stanchions enable you to have flexibility to change your line layout. This can help to meet the ebb and flow of your crowds.

Variety of Size and Style Options

Numerous sizes and styles of posts, bases, belts and colors are available.

Retractable Belt Stanchion Rentals


Ideal Stanchion Uses

  • Entrances
  • Ticket sales areas
  • Concession areas
  • Souvenir stands
  • Merchandise stands or stores


How Ally Rental Can Help

With over 30 years serving the event and retail industries, Ally Rental is a major wholesale supplier and renter of portable post and retractable belt line management systems.  Our customers across the nation rent our retractable barrier system as a means of regulating pedestrian traffic from airport TSA lines to movie theaters, amusement parks and anywhere organized coherent line queue’s are required.  Banks and retail stores use our system widely indoors. However, music sheds, festivals and other venues make efficient outdoor use of the retractable belt line management system.

The basis of our retractable barrier system is the Ally Rental quality line of stanchions (portable posts) with retractable belts, whose function is to create line queuing systems, keeping lines of pedestrian traffic moving in both a safe and orderly manner.  The lightweight and portable stanchions allow for flexibility of design and guest flow. Further, they are easily moved and can be adjusted with little effort for different event requirements or to affect changes in the guests flow pattern.

Retractable belt barrier systems are used at venue entrance, ticket sales area, concession areas, souvenir stands, and merchandise areas. They can also help separate adjacent stores. We can help you establish a plan so that each area within your venue has the optimum supply and arrangement of stanchions and retractable belts to ensure safety. We’ll also be sure they are set up to compliment the layout of the venue to ensure maximum flow and customer satisfaction.

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Call us today at (866) 909-5338 and we can assist you regarding your specific venue or event. Let’s talk about how retractable barriers from Ally Rental can help to maximize your business while keeping your customers safe and moving freely within your venue. Additionally, we offer a wide range of accessories, including signage and merchandising products that can be used with line management posts. You can also fill out our online form.

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