Plastic Jersey Barrier Rentals for Short-Term Projects and Work Zones

  • Ally Rental is the nation’s premiere source for water filled plastic Jersey barrier rentals and related crowd control equipment.
  • The plastic Jersey barrier is used to separate pedestrians and vehicle traffic from construction areas, work zones, parades and events.
  • Light weight and easily transportable, the plastic Jersey barricades are the tool of choice for maintaining public, on site safety during larger construction projects and related events.
  • Plastic Jersey barriers allow our private and municipal customers the ease and flexibility of adding and removing water weight to the plastic barriers as needed.
Plastic Jersey Barrier Rentals In San Francisco

Portable Water Filled Barriers

Made of lightweight polyethylene, Plastic Jersey barriers can be handled by two individuals, making them easy to move.  They are also easy to transport from one location to another with a forklift.

Rent a Practical Barrier

Colorful, high-quality Plastic Jersey barriers (most often in orange and white) are highly visible to motorists and pedestrians.  They minimize the amount of damage to vehicles during contact.

When filled, the Jersey barrier provides a solid, sturdy barrier for projects and work zones- simply draining the water from the Jersey barrier transforms it into a lightweight, easily transportable unit that can be moved from one location to another.  Once drained of water, the plastic Jersey barriers can be moved in bulk by forklift, or easily transported one at a time by two individuals.

Plastic Jersey Barriers With Bikes

The colorful Jersey barriers, painted in bright colors such as orange, white and yellow, are easily visible to both motorists and pedestrians with the plastic construction designed to minimize damage to vehicles when struck.  The multi-purpose Jersey barrier, in addition to its primary role separating motor and pedestrian traffic from work and construction zones, has a number of other uses.

We’ve supplied Plastic Jersey barriers to municipalities, contractors, and events for more than 20 years. Our clients regularly use them for water and sewer projects, access denial barriers at airports and garages, anti-terrorism protection, and as preventative security barriers during emergency situations such as floods and other natural disasters.

Call Ally Rental today at (866) 909-5338 and ask us what our Jersey barriers can do for you and your upcoming construction project, event or related activity. We are a wholesale supplier of Plastic Jersey barriers to local companies nationwide, and with a vast product range, we can provide you with numerous options to keep your site safe and secure.

You can also request plastic jersey rentals through our form below. If you’re looking to purchase, contact Tamis Corporation instead.

Other Uses for Plastic Jersey Barriers

Plastic Jersey barriers are multi-purpose products.  In addition to being used for roadwork or construction zones, they are also used for:

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