Qtrac System Increases Line Management Efficiency

The new Qtrac electronic queuing system, now available from ALLY Rental, will enable any site to increase its service efficiency by shortening the average wait times in lines, and providing an engaging way to communicate with customers while they are in line.

Qtrac’s state-of-the-art electronic queuing management system directs customers to the next available service point using a digital voice or other audio cue.  Directional arrows and messaging are displayed on video monitors.  The monitors can also display product information which can promote impulse buying.  Studies have reported that customers who feel engaged perceive that their wait time is reduced up to 50%.

The Qtrac system components are easy to use out of the box, and they can be configured to meet the exact needs of any site.  You can choose pre-installed audio alerts, voice prompts, text, and images, or create your own.  Media can be quickly updated by simply swapping out a flash drive.