Ally Rental Barricades Keep RNC Incident Free

A Memorable Republican National Convention Relied on Ally Rental to Supply Crowd Control Steel Barriers

It’s no secret that this election season has sparked fiery debates on a number of issues facing our country. The culmination of all these events leading up to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland caused an increase in security concerns.

Ally Rental Steel Barriers Line The Streets As Pedestrians Gather At The Rnc
Ally Rental Steel Barriers Line The Streets As Pedestrians Gather At The Rnc

Luckily, the city of Cleveland planned for a more raucous than usual crowd months in advance. They enlisted Ally Rental to provide them with 2000 steel barricades surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena where the convention was being held.

Ally Rental is no stranger to providing crowd management rental products and services to political events. We have served the last five presidential inaugurations as well as several campaign rallies and public speeches.  However, the 2016 Republican National Convention called for more barricades than usual as both supporters and protesters are extra passionate this year.

Thankfully, with the aid of Ally Rental Galvanized Steel Barricadesthe convention came and went without any major incident. This is especially impressive considering over 50,000 people are estimated to have attended the convention over the five day period.

Working closely with the Cleveland Police Department, Ally Rental was able to deploy all the barricades promptly and without delay.