The History of Ally Rental

Ally Rental is a specialty rental company.  We concentrate in temporary directional devices for safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

Ally Rental is best known for three areas of exceptional competence:

  • Special Events Crowd Control
  • Jersey Barriers for Construction Sites
  • Black Friday Deliveries to Mega stores

We have a basic inventory for last minute emergency shipments, but our strength lies in the alliance of rental organizations all over the country.  That alliance allows Ally Rental to provide several advantages not available from any given local company.

Ally Rental has traditionally done very little promotion, the majority of our new customers are referrals.  For this new year, we have decided to be more proactive in pursuing new projects where our resources and experience can improve safety and security.

Ally Rental expanded our level of offerings significantly by absorbing the Blockader Nationwide Rental. This added to our steel barriers, turnstiles, and belted posts inventory and customer base.

If there was ever an emergency need for thousands of items such as cots, tents, and generators to power heating and cooling- Ally Rental can combine multiple sources faster and more efficiently by utilizing diverse members of the alliance as partial suppliers.

Customers using Ally Rental have the powerful, unique advantage of a single source to locate required quantity and quality for any situation as well as a single source to arrange shipping and delivery on time from a diverse number of locations.

The Ally Rental concept is similar to a general contractor.  A house builder would not spend the time to locate and vet the appropriate dry wall specialist for his house construction AND go through the scheduling to make sure he arrives just when needed.  That is the role of a general contractor.  He knows and has vetted the sources, and is experienced in how to schedule the sources for optimum efficiency.

The role of Ally Rental is primarily to provide a single point of contact for our specialty products. As we expand, the number of partners and their combined products available to our customers will also expand. This allows us to increasingly supply complete projects.

Blockader Steel Barriers At The 2002 Olympics
Ally Rental provided steel barriers at the 2002 Olympics

One of our first major projects was the Red Bull Air Show in New Jersey. We provided a wide selection of materials including: on site labor, chain-link fence for perimeter security, portable toilets, steel barriers, and several other related products.

The inception of the Ally Rental concept started with the 1996 Atlanta summer Olympics.  The organizing committee originally wanted over 10,000 steel barriers for the event. This was a time when fewer than half a dozen companies, scattered all over the United States, would have even 1,000 barriers in inventory.

When average rent, at the time, was less than $100, it did not make financial sense to invest in large inventories that would only be used in full once every few years.  That is a huge reason no single company could fulfill the Olympics’ requests.

With only 2,000 steel barriers available from our inventory, we had to make arrangements with cities and private facilities to sub-rent their inventory for the big event.  The logistics of coordinating so many different providers to ensure inventory arrive within the given time frames became extremely complex.  Nevertheless, we were able to provide a plan to the organizing committee.

Within a month prior to the opening ceremonies, the Olympics reduced the required number of barriers to 4000 units. This was half of what we sub-rented.  That was when the idea of having partners and contacts across the United States became beneficial for those unusual requirements in product and in quantity.

Key advantages for the partners who work with Ally Rental include the ability to participate in rentals beyond their normal capacity and additional utilization of stock.

Ally Rental has historically been a specialty company that finds and supplies a wide range of products in extreme quantity and can supply complete projects with last minute requirements. Ally Rental is synonymous with the ease of having one contact to manage sourcing, shipping, and returns. You can trust us to handle all your event-planning needs!