Merchandising Products

Increase impulse buys

Put point-of-purchase products in front of your customers while they are waiting in line. Effective in-line merchandising can increase impulse sales by up to 40%.

These merchandising products will help increase your point-of-purchase sales and make your lines profitable:

  • Merchandising Bowls
  • Stanchions and Retractable Belt Line Management Systems
  • Signage
  • Merchandising Racks
  • Electronic Line Queuing Systems

   60% of all purchases are impulse buys


Line Management Systems for Customer-Friendly Lines

Portable post and retractable belt line management systems create organized lines, resulting in satisfied customers who are more likely to browse and buy impulse items.  In-line merchandising tools such as Merchandising Bowls, sign frames, panels and racks are designed to integrate with these line management stanchions.

Merchandising Bowls: Place Impulse-Buy Items in Your Customer Lines

Designed to affix to the top of line management posts, strategically-placed merchandising bowls can increase sales of impulse products by up to 30%.

Signs and Sign Frames

Easily and effectively communicate with your customers by placing sign frames on top of line management posts. Standard and custom signs are also available.

Merchandising Racks

For elaborate displays that go beyond what can be placed in merchandising bowls, merchandising racks, which affix to line management stanchions, are ideal for displaying point-of-purchase items.

Electronic Queuing

The Q-trac Electronic Queuing System provides you with a sophisticated mechanism for communicating with customers while they are in line.  You can promote products to your customers, enhancing your in-line merchandising efforts.

Rely on Ally

As a wholesale supplier of line management and merchandising products to local companies nationwide, Ally Rental has a wide range of products in stock. We’ve worked with numerous end-users of these products and can provide advice on the best options to meet end customer needs.